SBVT : a closer look.

Part 1 : Inside the muddy water

Let say that i have an anonymous source. From the inside. I know, we have to be very careful. Unique source is a easy way to have it wrong. But let say that my guy is right. Then the story is worth it. So, just as me, before to go further, keep in mind the warning.

About the first ad : They knew what the story was wrong, that the charges were unfair, that the lies were easy to debunk. They knew that the press will go on them. Better, they expected that.
According to my source, if you want to understand the tone of the book and the content of the first ad, you have to go back to the days after their first press conference. The National Press Club (5/4/04) was a big failure. They scheduled to early in the morning, it was way to long and mostly a mess. But more than that, their open letter to John Kerry was a big flop. Back then, the media's position was a very clear disdain for their story. Mainly the medias told them want they do not want to run stories about the Vietnam War.
So, the next week, they have a meeting about the next steps and the future of the organization. They knew they have to act in a very different way. According to my source, they did take the decision to go for a very bold move. If was their last shot and they knew that the only way to attract the attention was to go strong and mean.
And the plan did work. The first ad succed where the press conference failed. The outrageous ad, the talk shows and the controversy were jsut a bait to put the SBVT in a perfect position to launch their main attack.

About the future : according to my source, the strategy didn't change after the first press conference. The idea was to attract the media's attention and then, in mid-september- to launch the major attack. And since the beginning the idea is to use John Kerry's words against him. It's what they did with the second ad and what they will do in september and october.
So, if my source is right, the next steps are :
- September 12th rally The rally is an old idea to try to give the impression that a vast majority of vets are against Kerry. It's why they use another organization. SBTV and Vietnams Veterans for truth have no officials links and they will play this card to try to prove their point.Obviously, they hope that a second organisation, will downplay the links between the Bush Campaign and the SBTV.
- The new soldier controversy. This is the next big step. The new soldier is a book wrote by Kerry. The book is not avaible anymore and they will spin the story that Kerry hold the rights because the content is damaging. And then, they will release a new ad, quoting the book and several websites will put the book on line for free.

Next : part 2 : SBTV and the Bush campaign, a timeline of connections

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