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Coca-Cola, l'enquête interdite - William Reymond

William Reymond’s new book “Coca-Cola, The Forbidden Investigation” was published in France by Éditions Flammarion on January 27, 2006.

Based on exclusive documents the author reveals Coca-Cola’s secret activities during WW II.
For the first time the author pinpoints the American company’s various efforts to circumvent the British blockade of Nazi Germany and discloses how, from the US, Coca-Cola kept its brand alive in occupied Europe during the entire conflict. One example of the company’s strategy was the creation in their Atlanta-based laboratories of a Coke ersatz called Fanta which was then sold in Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands.

The book also reveals how, in 1944, Coca-Cola GmbH resorted to the use of forced workers to ensure the production of over 40 million bottles in Germany.
Lastly, William Reymond documents the existence of Coca-Cola under the Vichy regime and provides proof that Coke was sold at a discount to the occupying German army until the liberation of France.
William Reymond is a French journalist living in the United States. He is the author of several best-sellers published by Éditions Flammarion such as Dominici Non Coupable, JFK - The Last Man Standing and Bush Land. 
Coca-Cola, The Forbidden Investigation is currently on all French best-seller lists.
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