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LHO, ONI et Mac Wallace
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Ecrit le: Sep 21 2005, 12:51 PM


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Nouveau livre � l'horizon :
Dundee author�s Kennedy theory
A Dundee author�s new book on the assassination of John F Kennedy includes a document which may prove the CIA trained Lee Harvey Oswald.
Pat Kelly believes rogue elements in the CIA and disheartened Cubans were responsible for the killing and believes that at least four marksmen were involved in the assassination.
Mr Kelly said it has taken him many years to complete and the most interesting aspect of the book is the �Second Oswald� theory.

Included in the book is a CIA report obtained by Mr Kelly which, if authentic, proves Lee Harvey Oswald worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence and was trained by the CIA.

The author will be signing copies of his book, �Just a Patsy�, at Ottakar�s in Dundee at 5pm on Wednesday.

He said, �The Kennedy assassination goes right to the heart of the American government, and I believe it is easier to cover it up rather than face the facts and the truth of what really happened on November 22, 1963.

�It has taken many years to write and get to this stage and there�s a lot of information left out, such as whom I believed were the killers and their assistants in the conspiracy.

�I couldn�t publish their names but some were of Cuban extract.

�I believe, like many others, that President Lyndon B Johnson gained the most from the assassination.

�He controlled the investigation into Kennedy�s death. It must be said that some disaffected Cuban mercenaries played a major part in the assassination. Strangely enough, a fingerprint of Johnson�s aide, a man by the name of Mac Wallace, was found on a box on the sixth floor where officially the shots were fired at Kennedy.

�Wallace did not work in the Texas School Book Depository so how did it get there?�

Mr Kelly said there have been many books written about the JFK assassination, however, most are very hard to come by in this country.

�My book is probably the most up-to-date that most people in the city will read,� he said.

�No JFK researcher would claim their book is better than others � that�s not how the research community works.

�We share information and try to get it into the open to let the public see what really went on and how the US government was part of the JFK cover-up.

�Its over 40 years since the assassination of Kennedy and certain high-ranking officials still want to hide the true facts of what happened from the public.

�However, the public are not fooled by cover-ups and lies and they know that something was amiss in the Kennedy assassination.

�The public want to know the truth and the facts. Hopefully my book goes part of the way.

�I hope it helps to understand how and why the conspirators used Lee Harvey Oswald for their own political gains, and he was as he said, �Just A Patsy,� as the book title suggests.�

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